Meet the EasySplicer

A Rugged Fusion Splicer for Real-world Fiber Splicers.

As fiber first rolled out, fiber splicing was as much art as function, microscopes and cameras were bulky, LED's were expensive and  each fusion splicer hand tuned.  The machines modernized with the industry with better CCTV cameras, smaller mirrors, more automatic  positioning techniques -- the original form may have shrunken but has  remained virtually unchanged as economy of scale techniques have been  used to bring down overall system prices. 

Not a huge surprise when you consider most product testing is done  in a lab environment by lab techs for white coat inspectors. In our service labs we see a dozen different splicers from as many as seven different manufacturers every day: profile alignment, LID, core alignment, V-groove, 60 pound beasts from the early days and even today's small 'handhelds' that splice a dozen times and then beg for a new battery. 

With brighter LED's why are there still mirrors to clean? With the advent of better definition CCTV chips why are multiple cameras still required?  With a steady movement toward uniformity of raw fiber  production, why are all the dust attracting gels, sprays and clamps even necessary anymore?  

A fiber splicer's laboratory is his or her truck,  or its tailgate on a good weather day.  It is time for a splicer that is  simply reliable.  Meet the EasySplicer and take a virtual Demo under the EasySplicer section,  or click here.

Introducing a EasySplicer business-in-a-bag bundle starting at $1,775.00

Our EasySplicer kit includes the Easy Splicer hand held unit, singlemode & multimode holder pairs, cleaver,  built-in shrink oven and 40 splice lithium-ion battery, carry case, power charger, SD Memory card, cabling, and even a getting started clean kit.  We are curious how quickly your current splicer will become the back up.  

EasySplicer kits are already boxed and ready to ship -- so visit our online shop in the menu above to get yours shipped today!

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